The Radiant Force Behind TKEES

Carly smiling with family
Carly in studio laughing

Happiness Personified

Carly is the very essence of happiness.
Her infectious laughter and adventurous spirit light up every room she enters.

The Birth of TKEES

At 29, Carly co-founded TKEES and attended trade shows with her 3-month old. Her dedication and passion are the pillars of TKEES.

Signature Style

Casual, and chic are distinctly Carly. Her elevated tomboy aesthetic inspires her work and carries into her designs.

Design Philosophy

Carly has a meticulous eye for detail. Her love for symmetry and minimalism shines through in every TKEES design.

Generous Soul

More than style and design, Carly's generosity and caring nature make her stand out. She ensures everyone around her feels valued and happy :)