I thought you were done with clothing!?!

"I was finished with clothing, and then I went to Paris." explains our Creative Director Carly Burnett. "I travelled to one of the best mills in the world (which happens to be in Paris, France) and it reignited the love I have for creating." 


"If you're going to do one thing, you have to do it really well, and before we did it OK." Carly says in reference to our last apparel collection. "I loved the silhouettes, we poured days and weeks into fit, but the fabric was always kinda meh. If you're going to create basics they need to be amazing, they need to be magical. So I went to France to reimagine a collection with amazing fabric as the centre of the collection."

“I wear our clothes everyday, and I wanted fabrics that were as amazing after I wore them on repeat, as they were the day that I first wore them.” she explains. "We went to France to work with one of the best mills in the world. This place was simply amazing, so
advanced. They are producing fabrics that are almost unbelievable". 

She explained "They produce for TKEES what they produce for brands with $400 t-shirts. Not just similar, like the exact same thing."

“With our Parisian rendez-vous, the collection will develop over the next few seasons as we get into a groove. Last time we launched clothing, there was so much demand we had to react quickly, and that meant making sacrifices. This time we are only going to
sacrifice quantity for quality."

"I'm happy to keep going over there. LOL. Send me to the Louvre, to Le Marais, croissant at a cafe." "That rhymes, OMG so terrible!"

“Half of the fabrics we use barely even wrinkle. It’s crazy, I can pack them in my bag, take them out and they look flawless.” 

A French love letter from the streets of Paris, we present you with a collection that speaks to the beauty of amazing material.