The Boyfriend

Sandals for everyday life.

We design the footwear equivalent to denim and a white tee. Materials are our focus, and detail our obsession. 

Flip Flops

The perfect minimal silhouette. A staple for your every day.



Modern and streamlined, they're the balance between casual and put-together.



For little wanderers and wonderers, who want to live big adventures, with small feet.



The world of TKEES extends beyond the product.

It awakens the feeling of escape, adventure and finding yourself. To live a life with less, worth more.
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What Matters

Our lives, both at home and in the office, are filled with love, laughter and inspiration. It's in every pair of TKEES we make, and everywhere you choose to take them.

We keep it simple, it's the ultimate sophistication. Everyone knows less is more, so we focus on the details that actually matter.

Every pair of TKEES is handcrafted in Brazil. We believe comfort should never be a compromise for style. That's why we do both, because no one likes a one-trick pony.