Hey TKEES Family,

We’ve never formally been introduced, so I wanted to reach out to you personally and let you know that we’ve been working on something super cool that has been a work in progress since TKEES began.

We have made endless attempts, numerous prototypes, and tons of wear testing, and are finally proud to land on the perfect one. We have been a women’s brand since inception, and I’m excited to announce that changes today. I want to introduce you to our Mens and Boys line, named after my awe-inspiring, deliciously edible son Jensen ( I’m not biased at all ;) ).

For years, our male friends have been asking us to produce a men’s flip flop that is just as cool and classic as the ones we offer to women. We listened, and now we’re delivering.

I need your help on spreading the word to all of the men you know in your life. Tell them that we want them to be part of the TKEES family, and that we’re sorry that it’s taken so long.

My husband Jesse, who works right along side me as CEO of TKEES, and our son Jensen, who takes the title of the program, have patiently been waiting to get their very own pair of TKEES. To all the men and boys out there, I welcome you to the family!


Carly Burnett

Creative Director and Co-Founder of TKEES