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Maya Kramer

Dondefashion is an app that makes shopping easy and fun. Where did the idea come from?

The CEO, Liat Zakay, was looking for a specific dress online that she saw someone wearing. It was a longer process than she had expected and, naturally, caused her frustration. So, she set out to solve this problem and started Donde. If you know exactly what type of fashion item youre looking for, there is no easy solution to find it. You would need to browse through different stores and hope the item you want is there. Donde has a quick and simple solution. With easy-to-use fun visual questions, you can search from any dress you want to any must have bag in just seconds. In summary, Donde is an intuitive, comfortable, time-saving, online product search app. that aims to make all of our lives so much easier. I am really excited to have joined their time and to be part of the future of online shopping. (to download the app:

What is your role at Donde?

My position at Donde is "User Advocate." This means that my role is to make sure our clients have an excellent experience using the app. I am responsible for the needs, behaviors and desires of our users. It is a challenging role that I love because it combines my technical skills with understanding people's behavior.

Where is your idea of the perfect vacation?

My perfect vacation is going to the beaches of Thailand. It is so peaceful there and the culture is so zen. My day would invlolve mostly being on the beach everyday sipping cocktails, paddleboarding, eating local foods, and practicing yoga at sunrise.

Top 5 things that get you through the day?

  • Waking up next to my husband Ron and daughter Hila (after she sneaks into our bed in the middle of the night:-)
  • 10 minute meditation before starting my day
  • Chai latte with almond milk and extra foam from my local organic coffeeshop
  • Gum
  • Breathing

What is your number one fashion tip for a travel girl?

Travel tip: pack lightly and bring items you can mix and match. When I pack for my beach vacation, I usually have the minimum amount of clothes (usually dresses and comfy tees) and maximum amount of swimsuits. I take two pairs of flipflops (TKees of course:-) and one wedge for an evening look.

You’re an inspiring yoga instructor. What does your practice mean to you?

Yoga is a way of life for me. All my practices are for my overall well being. It has taught me things way beyond my mat: to honor my body, let go of things that no longer serve me, be present, and that I can achieve alot more than I think.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by people who get far in life by being authentic to themselves and others.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

Fashion has been in my blood since a very young age. I used to love going shopping with my mom as a child and look through all the different types of fashion. I have worked in clothing stores at a very young age which gave me instinctual insight on people's shopping behavior. Since then, I have worked in almost every aspect of the fashion industry from model booker to fashion shoot producer, to stylist, clothing store owner, teaching, personal stylist, tv host and finally found my "niche" in the world of fashion technology.

What drives you?

To make a positive change in peoples lives.