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Carly and Jesse Burnett are the husband and wife duo behind TKEES. Together they believe in love, family, and enjoying the simple things in life. TKEES started with the simple idea of wanting to look barefoot. From there, the concept of TKEES was born. Carly, with a degree from the School of Visual Arts, and Jesse, with his background in business and real estate, combined their skills to create what has become an internationally renowned brand.

“When we first launched TKEES in 2009, we never knew it would resonate with so many people. The support we continue to receive humbles and drives us, and with each passing year we grow a little more all thanks to you.”

TKEES is so much more than a brand to Jesse and Carly; they live and breathe it every day! Each collection is inspired by the world as they see it, and carefully crafted and curated to express their vision. At the end of the day, TKEES embodies love, happiness and the natural simplicity of life!


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